Why We Love the Entire Grain, Plus The way to Cook dinner It

Why We Love the Entire Grain, Plus The way to Cook dinner It

The United Nations Meals and Agriculture Group declared 2023 the Worldwide Yr of Millets (following within the footsteps of quinoa, which obtained the consideration in 2012). On this information to millet, we’ll break down why the small however mighty grain ought to be in each whole-food, plant-based kitchen and offer you cooking suggestions and recipes to attempt.

What Is Millet?

Truly, the query ought to be “What are millets?” Millets are a household of seed-producing grasses that hail from sub-Saharan Africa and have been cultivated as meals for over 10,000 years. Spherical, yellow hulled millet has change into more and more widespread in Western cuisines and is the kind you’ll more than likely discover on the grocery store, together with fonio, which is a West African millet selection, and sorghum.

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The UN’s determination to highlight millet in 2023 stems from its potential to advertise meals safety worldwide. Millet grows in nearly any local weather; varieties are cultivated from the chilly plains of Canada to the new arid areas of Africa. Millet can be a dietary powerhouse. It’s labeled as a “nutri-cereal,” a meals grain that’s particularly excessive in important vitamins.

Is Millet Gluten-Free?

Millet is gluten-free, which is one cause for the peerlessly spherical seeds’ rising recognition. Millet flour is a lightweight, barely candy choice for gluten-free baking. As with oats, cross-contamination between millet and gluten-containing cereals is feasible, so cooks who’re particularly delicate to gluten ought to go for licensed gluten-free millet and millet merchandise.

8 Causes to Cook dinner with Millet

We’re massive millet followers right here at Forks Over Knives. Right here’s why.

1. Millet is scrumptious… and versatile.

Millet has a gentle, grassy, corn-like taste that pairs effectively with each candy and savory elements. It’s scrumptious served by itself and can be utilized anyplace a recipe requires couscous, bulgur, quinoa, and even brown rice.

2. It cooks in simply 12 minutes.

Twelve minutes is all it takes to prepare dinner a pot of millet to creamy perfection on the stovetop. See the “How Do You Cook dinner Millet?” part beneath for specifics that embrace changing cooking instances to an Instantaneous Pot/multicooker or rice cooker.

3. It’s fairly priced.

Hulled millet prices beneath half the worth of quinoa, a equally sized gluten-free complete grain.

4. Millet makes a fantastic sizzling breakfast cereal.

Cooking millet in plenty of liquid turns it right into a luscious, smooth porridge that may be served for breakfast or used like polenta in savory dishes. To make millet porridge, simmer 1 cup millet in 4 cups liquid (water, plant-based milk, or a mixture) for half-hour, or till very smooth.

5. Millet provides crunch to baked items.

Uncooked millet seeds make a tasty, crunchy addition to breads and different baked items. You too can toast the seeds 3 to 4 minutes in a dry skillet, then sprinkle over salads and grain bowls. It’s additionally nice in granola.

6. You may sprout and pop millet.

Uncooked millet seeds may also be sprouted like mung beans and popped like popcorn (in a dry skillet over excessive warmth) for crunchy additions to salads and sandwiches.

7. It’s a dietary powerhouse.

One cup of cooked millet clocks in at about 200 energy with 6 grams of protein and a couple of grams of fiber. It’s additionally supply of important nutritional vitamins and minerals together with magnesium and folate, and the finger (or ragi) number of millet is excessive in calcium.

8. Millet is an historic grain for the long run.

Millet is a sustainable, drought-resistant crop that thrives in poor soil and feeds tens of millions annually. Study extra on the UN Worldwide Yr of Millets web page.

Pre-Cooking Prep Steps

The next prep steps aren’t needed for cooking millet, however can improve the cooked grains’ taste and texture.


It’s at all times a good suggestion to rinse complete grains earlier than cooking, even when the package deal states they’ve been pre-washed. Rinsing millet removes any mud or particles and may scale back the chance of unintended gluten contamination. It’ll additionally assist preserve theRinsing additionally helps preserve the cooked grains separate whilst they prepare dinner.


Many cooks wish to soak millet earlier than cooking. Soak millet anyplace from half-hour to in a single day to make it extra tender and digestible.


Toasting millet in a dry pan 3 to 4 minutes earlier than cooking it in water provides a nutty aspect to its taste profile.

The way to Cook dinner Millet

Millet is as simple to organize as a batch of rice, and 1 cup of uncooked millet will yield about 3 cups of cooked grains. Right here’s a fast rundown of all of the methods to organize it.


Cooking millet on the stovetop helps you to management the ultimate consistency.

Directions: Mix 1 cup millet with 2 cups water in a medium saucepan. Cowl, and convey to a boil, then simmer the grains 10 to 12 minutes, or till tender and many of the liquid has been absorbed. Drain off any extra liquid.


While you prepare dinner millet like pasta in a big pot of boiling water, the grains stay distinct and fluffy like couscous.

Directions: Merely carry a medium pot of water to a boil, and stir within the millet. Boil 10 to 12 minutes, or till simply tender. Drain in a colander, then rinse beneath chilly water, if desired.

Instantaneous Pot (Multicooker)

As a result of Instantaneous Pots and different multicookers lock in moisture and prepare dinner meals at a better temperature, rather less water is required to prepare dinner millet and different grains.

Directions: Place 1 cup millet and 1¾ cups water within the Instantaneous Pot or multicooker. Seal. Cook dinner on excessive energy for 8 minutes. Let the steam naturally launch to make sure the grains are totally cooked.

Rice Cooker

The regulated warmth of rice cookers is ideal for cooking millet and yields distinct, fluffy grains with out clumps.

Directions: Place 1 cup millet and a couple of cups water within the rice cooker. Use the setting for white rice (10 to 12 minutes) to prepare dinner the millet.

The way to Make Millet Flour

If a recipe requires millet flour however you solely have complete grain millet, make your individual: Place dry, raw complete grains in a blender. Cowl. Mix 30 to 40 seconds or till floor into flour. Use as directed in recipes.

Our Favourite Millet Recipes

Why We Love the Entire Grain, Plus The way to Cook dinner It

Need extra inspiration? Look no additional than these deliciously simple recipes.

In search of extra healthy-cooking inspiration? Take a look at Forks Meal Planner, FOK’s simple weekly meal-planning instrument to maintain you on a wholesome plant-based path. To be taught extra a couple of whole-food, plant-based food plan, go to our Plant-Based mostly Primer.

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